Levels & Topics

Make sure to indicate what topic you are interested in:
Family – Sports and exercise – Food – Weather – Living – Working life – Days and times – Meeting people – Together with – Appointments – Money – Around the world – Directions – Things – Health – Eating and leisure – Home – Living together – Film and TV– Working world – Experience culture – Story- Invitations – The past – In a restaurant – Education – Commute – With feeling– Digital life – Celebrations – Couples – School and learn – Too young – too old? – How embarrassing! – Clothing or another subject.

This guide will give you an approximate indication of your Spanish proficiency level. 

Level A1 – Getting started
Learn how to communicate the basics, like where you live and what your hobbies are.

Level A2 – Communicating basic information 
You can talk about basic topics and express your needs – like when you’re shopping.

Level B1 – Manage everyday situations
When traveling in Spanish-speaking countries, you can easily deal with most situations you encounter. You can talk about your experiences and clearly state your point of view.

Level B2 – Be convincing 
You can communicate spontaneously and fluently – even in longer conversations with native speakers. You can follow complicated texts and discussions and express your opinion on abstract topics.

Level C1 – Communicate freely
You don’t have to search for words, and you can speak Spanish comfortably and flexibly in any situation. You understand long, challenging texts.

Level C2 – Express demands
You understand everything you read and hear and can communicate spontaneously and fluently, conveying detailed information.

  • A detail description of the levels.